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How to Dress using a Monochromatic Color Line

During our Live Stream last Friday many people asked about Mom’s wig and what she was wearing. For this outfit, the rounded and horizontal line of the blouse adds fullness to narrow shoulders. Polka dots generally will add pounds (round adds pounds), but a medium or small polka dot can create a distracting illusion.

Keeping the monochromatic color line gives the illusion of more height and length. And though white does expand, remember to put whites on areas you’d rather look larger. For instance white on the bottom, dark on the top if you’re fuller on the top than the bottom.

Remembering your ideal top hemline (longer for long legs/short torso and shorter for short legs long torso). Earrings are a great accent to draw eyes up to the face.

The shoes are Jimmy Choo and we found them on eBay. Got a really good deal. But we disovered that at 80, she wasn’t prepared to walk in them and since the heel is so far in it broke in half right away. So much for her wearing that shoe anymore!

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