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The MAKEOVERGUY® Premiere Makeover



Approximately 6 hours

  • Before and After Photos
    • sent to you via text or email​
  • Analyses*
    • head and shoulders​
    • face shape
    • hair texture, density, natural color levels
    • coloring
  • Services
    • hair color​
    • brow grooming
    • makeup application with lesson
    • haircut and style
  • Personal Maintenance Portfolio
    • abridged analyses results​
    • recommended products
    • makeup application illustration
    • hair color formula
  • Christopher is not physically present but will work with and offer direction to the artist.
*We will make sure you love your makeover. However
please be cognizant that your one-day makeover, 
is not commensurate to what is shown in our 
Power of Pretty® three-day Transformation videos.
*Your analyses are an abridged version of the
Power of Pretty® Three Day Transformation

Once your reservation is guaranteed with deposit, you will receive

a letter containing  all details you need to know before, during and after your makeover.

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