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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get a makeover?
    To get a MAKEOVERGUY makeover, just head to our website and click our makeover service packages.
  • Do you travel to do makeovers or do online consultations?
    We're sorry. At this time we do not.
  • Do you know anyone in my area who does what you do?
    Wherever you live, there is talent that can help you improve your image. However, we do not know of any company in the world who does exactly what we do. We'd love to know if you have the answer to this question in your area! Read Christopher's book "Staging Your Comeback" to be will be better prepared to consult with a professional to achieve the results you want.
  • Will I be able to repeat the look when I get home?
    We do our best to explain and demonstrate. We understand that it can be difficult, so encourage you to bring a recording device to use and follow when you get home.
  • What if I don’t like the makeover?
    PLEASE let us know before you leave, so we can do whatever is needed to make sure you're satisfied.
  • Do you offer gift certificates?
    Certainly, we offer gift certificates!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    The Power of Pretty Makeover requires four weeks before your scheduled appointment for a full refund. The Classic Makeover needs two weeks before your scheduled appointment for a full refund and one week prior for a 50% refund.
  • Do you provide the products you use?
    Products used are available to purchase.
  • How To Get The Most From Your Makeover
    We suggest you arrive the day before your makeover, especially if you are flying in. You may also consider staying an extra day (or two) since your makeover may take longer. It doesn't help if you don’t feel rushed. Choose accommodations close to the studio. There are plenty of exceptional places to stay within blocks of our studio. Check out our lodging recommendations. Feel free to arrive early and relax at the coffee shop across the atrium from us. Wear something comfortable for the day, but bring something beautiful to change into for" your “big reveal.” Order lunch from a delivery service such as Door Dash or Uber Eats and enjoy the break with your fellow makeovers in progress. Make it a memory. Whether it's a casual dinner or a night on the town, plan something after your makeover and make the magic last.
  • What Happened to Christopher Hopkins Father?
    Christopher's father passed away in 2002 from cancer. We miss him to this day.
  • Where is the Makeup Guy (Makeover Guy)Located?
    MAKEOVERGUY is located in Minneapolis in Riverplace at 43 SE Main Street #137.
  • Who is the founder of MAKEOVERGUY (Makeover Guy)?
    Christopher Hopkins is the founder of MAKEOVERGUY®. The brand was founded in 2001.
  • Where is Christopher Hopkins The Makeover Guy Located?
    We are located at 43 SE Main Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • How do you get a makeover with The Makeover Guy?
    You can get a makeover by clicking these links: Power of Pretty® Three-Day Premier Makeover Silhouette Analysis Premier Plus
  • Who is Christopher Hopkins’ Mother?
    Joann Hopkins, Christopher's mother performs the silhouette analysis for MAKEOVERGUY. For those wanting to know her age, shse was born on September 21'st, 1940. Link to Wardrobe Woman:
  • Who is the maker guy married to?
    Anne Mariejane Samek, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Samek of Edison, N.J., is married to Christopher Hopkins
  • Who is Robert on the makeover guy?
    Robert is Robert Lindquist, Christopher’s business partner and husband since 1992.
  • Makeover Guy Cost 2023
    We offer three makeover packages. The premiere makeover costs $1,295.00, the Premiere Plus makeover costs $2,495.00, and the Power of Pretty Three-day Transformation costs $4,895.00.
  • Makeover Guy Cost 2024
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  • Is Makeover Guy Still In Business?
    Yes. MAKEOVERGUY Lt. has been in business since 2001 and remains in business today.
  • Makeoverguy Youtube Videos
  • MAKEOVERGUY Services
    Following Services Are Offered: 1- Power of Pretty® Three-Day Transformation Experience 2- Premier Makeover 3- Silhouette Analysis 4- Premier Plus
  • What does a makeover include?
    MAKEOVERGUY offers three makeover packages. Click here to find out more.
  • How do I contact The Makeover Guy?
    You can contact The Makeover Guy on our Contact Page: Click Here
  • What is the makeup guy controversy?
    See the dramatic vidumentary by clicking here:
  • What happened to Christopher Hopkins’ Father?
    Christopher's father died in 2002. Click the link to view more details.
  • Visiting Minneapolis
    We are only 11 miles from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. Unless you’re planning on driving outside of the Twin Cities, we recommend hiring a driver. We recommend hiring Arlen Rosseau. He will give you a flat rate of $46.00 from the airport to downtown Minneapolis. His number is 612 703 0881.
  • Where to stay
    Within five miles of our studio: We get a really good deal for you from Nicollet Island Inn. Let them know you're coming to MAKEOVERGUY!
  • Where to eat
    Within two miles of our studio: Nicollet Island Inn (612) 331-1800 .1 mile, 1 minute The Sonder Shaker (612) 353-6557 .1 mile, 1 minute Aster Cafe (612) 379-3138 .2 mile, 1 minute Jefe Urban Cocina (612) 255-2000 .2 mile, 1 minute Kramarczuk's (612) 379-3018 .2 mile, 1 minute Alma (612) 379-4909 .7 miles, 3 minutes Red Cow North Loop (612) 238-0050 .8 mile, 4 minutes Spoon and Stable (612) 224-9850 .8 mile, 4 minutes Monte Carlo (612) 333-5900 1 mile, 5 minutes EaTo (612) 208-1638 1.1 miles, 5 minutes Oceanaire Seafood Room (612) 333-2277 1.2 miles, 8 minutes Smack Shack (612) 259-7288 1.3 miles, 6 minutes Borough (612) 354-3135 1.4 miles, 6 minutes Bar La Grassa (612) 333-3837 1.4 miles, 6 minutes HaiHai (612) 223-8640 1.8 miles, 6 minutes Half Fancy (612) 315-2340 1.8 miles, 6 minutes The Sample Room (612) 789-0333 1.8 miles, 7 minutes
  • Things to do
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