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She Spilled Her Guts Then Found Her Power of Pretty®: A MAKEOVERGUY Makeover

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

"I'm going to look my best. I'm going to feel my best. I'm going to dress my best. I'm going to live my best life."

Growing up, Pam always felt like the ugly duckling. She spilled her guts about all the pain she's experienced and then found her Power of Pretty. After the first day, she left thinking she wouldn't come back. But she did come back, and you can feel the difference in her spirit. She's light-hearted, happy, and beautiful. It made us all very happy.

Kayla created the makeup for Pam with Christopher's assistance for the final reveal. Often it is collaborative. We first do a "natural" version and then the final Glamour look for the "reveal." The final Glamour look is not recorded as it is done intermittently by trying on clothes, re-fixing the hair, etc.

To balance out Pam's A-Vertical body type and short waist, we found her a beautiful maxi dress.

Get Pam's romantic and chic look:

🎬 There is so much content that isn't shown on the cutting room floor in our Power of Pretty videos. Enjoy some content that got cut but is still, we think, informative, and entertaining.

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