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I Wanted It All: A MAKEOVERGUY® Power of Pretty® Transformation

Tracy had and did it all. But, in mid-life, she realized she didn't have what she really needed. In our youth, we often think we can have it all, but unexpectedly, we're hit with the fact that it is an elusive dream. This turning point forces a new plan toward ultimate fulfillment.

After many years of pushing herself too hard and struggling with others' expectations, she suffered from several illnesses and ultimately realized she wasn't taking care of herself.

Finally, with the help of MAKEOVERGUY, she meets her true self and flies toward happiness. In the end she feels sexy, chic, and classy.

"Every single woman should love themselves enough to invest in this process."



To learn more, get Christopher Hopkins' book, "Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45".

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