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I Feel Old: A MAKEOVERGUY Power of Pretty Transformation

Michelle has lost her spark and came to MAKEOVERGUY in Minneapolis for a Power of Pretty® transformation. She had let her gray hair grow out, but it was just not the right shade of gray to be most flattering.

In the end she felt fresh, fun, sensational, and sexy. "This experience for me has been sparkly and fabulous. I wouldn't trade it for anything! We touched on something very deep and powerful."

With a rectangular face and close-set asymmetrical eyes, her color profile is a soft summer. We drew attention to her eyes and flattered her beautiful features. Kayla created the makeup for Michelle with Christopher's assistance for the final reveal. We first do a "natural" version and then the final Glamour look for the "reveal."

Broad shoulders and a thicker waist can make finding clothing that feels feminine a challenge. We gave her styles to minimize her upper body and add fullness to her lower body, while creating the illusion of more height.

Michelle's clothing


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