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MAKEOVER: That’s My Mother!, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

Sue came to Minneapolis with her sisters and one of her son’s. He was worried she’d go short and look old. She could go short, but I liked her length and we discovered her natural wave together.

Sue: So, I have been just thinking about it, for a long time just looking in the mirror and feeling like what I had going to, just was it working anymore? I don’t want to look old, but I’m getting old. Kind of, I felt like any, did someone else’s opinion and whatever he’s doing a parent makeup open to whatever. I don’t like about lot of Bob’s and hairs they’ve been really blonde.

Christopher: Too square looking on.

Sue: Too square. And I’ve tried with last cut to try out, to see they can lighten it up.

Christopher: Yeah.

Sue: My hair, it just seems like really heavy.

Christopher: You know, you have weighted your hair, right?

Sue: No, I don’t.

Christopher: Okay.

Sue: It’s straight as a board, as far as I’m concern. They don’t have no natural thing.

Christopher: You heard it, you heard it here for the 17th billion times.

Sue: I don’t have any natural, but if you can find it.

Christopher: I already did. It’s weak here.

Sue: Yeah. It is.

Christopher: And limp here, but it’s natural you got a weight to it, that’s the problem with us — probably it did, I mean but you do generally the conditioner then you call me, right.

Sue: True.

Christopher: But as soon as you comb we care that it’s straight. If weaker hair is allowed to dry, it can in its natural way we state which there’s weight in there and start to see sitting, you see that.

Sue: Yeah. I love it.

Christopher: Okay. So, what I’m saying you due to have that. It just have the treated depending the best to bit it, allow it to dry like that, whether with the dryer which you can do, but it’s almost like a style. Then that natural way will be in there.

Sue: I have had friends and my 17 year old son tell me, I’m not, so-so like the lady in church and pray that I’m going to come home with short hair that’s going to be in the gold.

Robert: Sometime short hair can be more grateful.

Sue: Great. And I know that. Love it.

Christopher: How does it feel it?

Sue: That’s good.

Christopher: You got that. What are you German?

Sue: German, and no, mostly German

Christopher: Like, no it’s present, so I guess

Robert: Yeah me too, of course, we are, turning the age and thing

Sue: And my sister like GO you know, I always feel better that people are going to have like catch myself doing that terminally.

Christopher: He was probably thinking, right?

Sue: It wasn’t, like in the movies

Christopher: Okay. All right.

Sue: When you do a magic, as I said it runs against from all.

Christopher: Oh, okay, good. Very good on leading him, right?

Sue: No I love it.

Christopher: Okay. Good.

Sue: Just thinking timely.

Christopher: Yeah. What do you solely do?

Sue: I solely to do, I don’t have a back…

Christopher: Okay. Good.

Sue: Thank for making me.

Christopher: Good. You’re square to waive in?

Sue: I got it now.

Christopher: So that way we will have that, lift on the scale and control over this front one, because I wanted it to be foundation of the Makeover, then you can keep it up your space but it’s there with flatten.

Sue: My hair just is very straight and so Bob’s worked very well, I guess, because they’re pretty low maintenance. And my son didn’t want me to have short hair, I was like go with whatever so, yeah, I’m excited.

That’s my mother.

Very nice.

Oh, it’s awesome.

She’s a goddess.

Sue: Nice.

Christopher: I think it’s very pretty.

Robert: If you are to mean, sorry I’m just curious.

Sue: 35.

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