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I Want To Be FINE at 69! A Power of Pretty® MAKEOVERGUY Experience

"It's been a phenomenal experience." Susan looks and feels 20 years younger after her Power of Pretty makeover.

Like so many makeovers, Susan's had much more to do with the way she wanted a makeover than the "whats" (i.e. tips on clothing, hair, and makeup). It would be impossible to explain every layer upon layer, but let's just say, the end result was exactly what she was hoping for. Meanwhile, her story will inspire others in perpetuity.

Kayla created the makeup for Susan with Christopher's assistance for the final reveal. Often it is collaborative. We smoothed out her complexion, gave her eyes a lift with upper lashes, and used contouring and highlights to lift her cheeks and jawline. We first do a "natural" version and then the final Glamour look for the "reveal."

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Susan has a short waist, broad/tapered shoulders, and a full figure. To lengthen her I-4 body type, we found a look that would balance the shoulders, minimize the upper body, distract from the mid-body and slenderize. First, she needed shoulder pads, a shaper, and a good bra to give her shape. Finally, we found clothing that matched her desire to look casual, classic, and innovative.

Get Susan's look:

To learn more, get Christopher Hopkins' book, "Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45".

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