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How to Look Taller, Modern, and Sexy

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

This one will make your jaw drop. Terry is a gorgeous woman who just needed a shot of confidence to open up a whole new world.

"I expected to look better, but I didn't expect to look this good....I wish that everyone would have a chance to do this. It's transformative to have a whole team of people focusing on you."

At 5'2", Terry is a bit short and also short-waisted. Her prominent features are saddle bags, heavier upper-arms, a heavier bust, protruding abdomen, and shorter legs.

To elongate the look of her body, the goal is to minimize the midriff by dressing with blouses, jackets and sweaters that hit above the hip line. We also made her look taller by pairing a lighter color on top with a darker color on the bottom, making her legs look longer.

We balanced out Terry's look with a shorter hairstyle to emphasize her best features and make her look and feel modern, fresh, distinctive, and sexy.

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