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I've Lost Me: A MAKEOVERGUY Power of Pretty® Transformation

When Kathy looked in the mirror before her Power of Pretty Transformation, she said, " I've lost me." She felt that she had lost the sassy, fun-loving girl that she used to be. That free spirit was still there, on the inside, but Kathy couldn't see her anymore when she looked in the mirror.

At 61, she enlisted the help of MAKEOVERGUY to receive her own Power of Pretty Transformation in hopes of reclaiming and revealing who she really is. She did not see the essence of the energetic, free-spirited girl she used to be.

Kathy is well proportioned and wanted to elongate her waist and legs, while minimizing her upper arms and saddle bags. She wanted a look that is savvy, spicy, dramatic, imaginative, and creative. What a dramatic, stunning transformation. "Life's a dance party," Kathy says. Watch the shift in her energy – it's contagious!


To learn more, get Christopher Hopkins' book, "Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45".

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