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I'm Cutting Even Shorter! An Update to Her First Short Haircut

Lindsey, my good friend from college, recently cut off her long hair. She sent me some videos of the journey.

Because she lives far away, I couldn't cut it myself, but I talked with her about what she wanted and what to tell her stylist. After she had it cut the first time she went shorter still, then decided to go super short. I admit even I was pretty surprised she went as short as she did, but agreed that I liked it better since it was a bit more "edgy." She's really happy with her new look.

I liked her long hair, and she'll grow it back, I'm sure, but the fun of hair is that you don't HAVE to wear it the same way always. Unless, of course, you want to. That's the other glory of hair, it really is up to you.

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