For your convenience, please refer you our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us via email or phone. Thank you.

There is metered parking along Main street. It is more convenient to input the address 65 SE Main Street rather than 45 SE Main Street as this entrance to the Riverplace complex is closer to our studio entrance.

As you enter at 65 Main St., you will see Wilde Cafe to your right and Flutter Bridal Boutique to your left. Take a left down the hall, past Flutter and then an immediate right. You will see the entrance to MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis to your right. The doors slide open. They do not pull open.

The absolute most convenient way to park is to use our parking ramp. The Riverplace parking ramp is located on the corner of Bank St. SE and 2nd St. SE. It is across from Our Lady of Lourdes Church, located at 1 Lourdes Place.

When you enter the ramp there are three parking levels. Level A, B and C. MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis is located on the ground floor of the Riverplace complex. For easiest access to MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis, drive to level C and park. Upon entering the complex MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis will be the first studio to your left. The entrance door is just past the escalators on your left. The doors slide open rather than pull open.

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