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Want to experience the transformation of a lifetime? Get ready! We'll start taking applications on November 16 for the Power of Pretty® 2022!

Power of Pretty® 2022 Application Details

  • We will begin taking applications for the Power of Pretty® 2022 on November 16.

  • Applications will be open through December 16.

  • We will make decisions about applicants in January 2022.

  • To qualify, applicants will have read the book Staging Your Comeback by Christopher Hopkins, have no allergies to hair, makeup, or skincare products, have no restrictions for their makeover, be willing to be recorded on video without makeup and in body-conscious clothing, and have a minimum hair length of three inches.

The three-day Power of Pretty® experience includes transportation to and from the airport, 2 nights of lodging, a complete set of hair and makeup products, and supportive documentation and tools for your life-changing transformation.

You will need to read Staging Your Comeback before you apply for Power of Pretty® 2022.

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