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  • How can I get a MAKEOVERGUY Makeover?
    To book a makeover with MAKEOVERGUY, you can start by visiting our website and browsing our services. Once you have selected the type of makeover you are interested in, you can easily book an appointment through our online booking system. You can get a makeover by clicking these links: Power of Pretty® Three-Day Premier Makeover Silhouette Analysis Premier Plus Just click "Book It!" Alternatively, you can also contact us at so we can assist you in scheduling your makeover experience.
  • Do you travel to do makeovers or do online consultations?
    At MAKEOVERGUY, we offer consultations only with our MAKEOVERGUY experiences in person.
  • Do you know anyone in my area who does what you do?
    Wherever you live, there is talent that can help you improve your image. However, we do not know of any company in the world who does exactly what we do. We'd love to know if you have the answer to this question in your area! Read Christopher's book "Staging Your Comeback" to be will be better prepared to consult with a professional to achieve the results you want.
  • Will I be able to repeat the look when I get home?
    We do our best to explain and demonstrate. We understand that it can be difficult, so encourage you to bring a recording device to use and follow when you get home.
  • What if I don’t like my makeover?
    At MAKEOVERGUY, our top priority is ensuring that you are thrilled with the results of your makeover. Before we begin any we offer you a thorough consultation to understand the desired outcome. We believe in open communication and welcome your feedback throughout the process. In the rare event that you are unsatisfied with your makeover, we encourage you to communicate your concerns with us immediately. We will work with you to address any issues and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that you are delighted with the final result. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we are dedicated to providing you with a positive and empowering makeover experience.
  • Do you offer gift certificates?
    Yes, we do offer gift certificates at makeoverguy! Our gift certificates are the perfect present for anyone looking to treat themselves to a transformative makeover experience. Whether it's for a special occasion or just to show someone you care, our gift certificates can be used towards any makeover experience. What a thoughtful and unique gift that anyone would appreciate. Simply contact us to purchase a gift certificate, and we'll take care of the rest, making it easy for you to give the gift of confidence and style.
  • What is MAKEOVERGUY's cancellation policy?
    At MAKEOVERGUY, we understand that plans can change unexpectedly. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we kindly ask for at least 4 weeks notice. This allows us to offer the appointment slot to another client on our waiting list. For cancellations with less than 4 weeks hours notice, a 50% cancellation fee may apply. We value your time and understanding, and we strive to accommodate your needs while also managing our schedule effectively. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
  • Do you provide the products you use?
    Yes, at makeoverguy, we believe in using high-quality products to help you achieve your desired look. We have carefully curated a selection of premium beauty and makeup products that we use during our makeovers. We also offer these products for sale, so our clients can continue their beauty regimen at home with the same products we use in our studio. Our goal is to ensure that you have access to the right tools and products to maintain your new look and feel confident every day.
  • How do I get the most from my makeover experience?
    We suggest you arrive the day before your makeover, especially if you are flying in. You may also consider staying an extra day (or two) since your makeover may take longer. It doesn't help if you don’t feel rushed. Choose accommodations close to the studio. There are plenty of exceptional places to stay within blocks of our studio. Check out our lodging recommendations. Feel free to arrive early and relax at the coffee shop across the atrium from us. Wear something comfortable for the day, but bring something beautiful to change into for" your “big reveal.” Order lunch from a delivery service such as Door Dash or Uber Eats and enjoy the break with your fellow makeovers in progress. Make it a memory. Whether it's a casual dinner or a night on the town, plan something after your makeover and make the magic last.
  • Where is the MAKEOVERGUY located?
    MAKEOVERGUY is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our studio is situated on the historic Mississippi river front, known for its vibrant arts and culture scene. Our location allows us to draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of Minneapolis, infusing it into the transformative makeovers we provide. Whether you're local or visiting from out of town, we welcome you to our studio for a unique and personalized makeover experience.
  • Who is the founder of MAKEOVERGUY and when was the brand founded?
    Christopher Hopkins is the founder of MAKEOVERGUY®. The brand was founded in 2001. Christopher Hopkins is an industry-leading entrepreneur over 35 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry. The MAKEOVERGUY® brand is known for its transformative and empowering makeover services, focusing on enhancing natural beauty, boosting confidence, and celebrating individuality. With a keen eye for style and an unparalleled passion for uplifting others, Christopher Hopkins and his cast at MAKEOVERGUY® have built a reputation for creating stunning transformations that truly reflect the unique essence of each client.
  • How do you get a makeover with The Makeover Guy?
    You can get a makeover by clicking these links: Power of Pretty® Three-Day Premier Makeover Silhouette Analysis Premier Plus
  • MAKEOVERGUY Cost 2023
    We offer three makeover packages. The premiere makeover costs $1,295.00, the Premiere Plus makeover costs $2,495.00, and the Power of Pretty Three-day Transformation costs $4,895.00.
  • MAKEOVERGUY Services
    Following Services Are Offered: 1- Power of Pretty® Three-Day Transformation Experience 2- Premier Makeover 3- Silhouette Analysis 4- Premier Plus
  • What does a makeover include?
    MAKEOVERGUY offers three makeover packages. Click here to find out more.
  • How do I contact The Makeover Guy?
    You can contact The Makeover Guy on our Contact Page: Click Here
  • Is MAKEOVERGUY Still In Business?
    Yes. MAKEOVERGUY Lt. has been in business since 2001 and remains in business today.
  • MAKEOVERGUY Youtube Videos
  • What does a makeover consist of?
    At MAKEOVERGUY we offer three makeover experiences. You can discover what our makeovers consist of by checking out our experiences link on our website at
  • How do you give yourself a makeover?
    You can easily create your own personalized makeover by reading the book "Staging Your Comeback," by Christopher Hopkins, founder and owner of MAKEOVERGUY®. Check it out here!
  • Who is Christopher Hopkins’ Mother?
    Joann Hopkins, Christopher's mother performs the silhouette analysis for MAKEOVERGUY. For those wanting to know her age, shse was born on September 21'st, 1940. Link to Wardrobe Woman:
  • What happened to Christopher Hopkins' father?
    The heavens gently welcomed Michael E. Hopkins, 64, of Minneapolis, who passed away at home in the arms of his family. Mike graduated class of 57, from Marshall High School in S.E. Minneapolis and was the Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Boxing Champion in 1954. A 25 year veteran of the manufactured housing industry, he designed and implemented quality control systems used throughout the industry today. Mike was active as Police Commissioner in Redwood Falls, MN where he lived from 1970 until 1983. There he helped initiate Project Aware a chemical addiction awareness program. He loved to collect treasures finding the beauty in things most of us miss. He appreciated good music and books, the constant wonder of nature's spirit and through his warmth, kindness, generosity, sense of humor and fairness he was a man respected by all who had the privilege to know him.
  • Who is Robert on the makeover guy?
    Robert is Robert Lindquist, Christopher’s business partner and husband since 1992.
  • Who is Christopher Hopkins of MAKEOVERGUY married to?
    Christopher Hopkins is married to his husband, Robert LIndquist. For over 35 years Robert and Christopher have worked to create MAKEOVERGUY and offer a family owned and operated experience. Robert often shares as his personal stories and experiences with his many fans.
  • Where is Christopher Hopkins now?
    Christopher still operates MAKEOVERGUY while also directing makeover experiences in Minneapolis.
  • Who is Joann Hopkins, "The Wardrobe Woman," and what role does she play at makeoverguy?
    Joann Hopkins, also known as "The Wardrobe Woman," is renowned for her wardrobing advice. She has been an integral part of the makeoverguy team, contributing her expertise in clothing, accessories, and personal styling to help clients achieve their desired looks. Joann's approach focuses on empowering individuals to embrace their unique style and feel confident in their appearance. Her keen eye for silhouettes and understanding of body shapes allows her to provide personalized wardrobe recommendations that enhance each client's natural beauty. Joann's dedication to helping clients look and feel their best aligns perfectly with MAKEOVERGUY's. mission of promoting self-confidence and self-expression through personalized makeovers.
  • How old is Joann Hopkins, "The Wardrobe Woman," associated with MAKEOVERGUY
    Joann Hopkins, also known as "The Wardrobe Woman," was born on September 21st, 1940. With more than 30 years experience in the business, she brings a unique perspective to the MAKEOVERGUY team. Joann's expertise lies in helping clients refine their personal style, identify flattering clothing choices, and build a more cohesive and functional wardrobe. Her approach is focused on empowering individuals to feel confident and comfortable in their clothing choices, regardless of age or body type. As part of MAKEOVERGUY, Joann's goal is to provide personalized and practical wardrobe solutions that align with the brand's dedication to authenticity and self-expression.
  • Visiting Minneapolis
    We are only 11 miles from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. Unless you’re planning on driving outside of the Twin Cities, we recommend hiring a driver. We recommend hiring Arlen Rosseau. He will give you a flat rate of $46.00 from the airport to downtown Minneapolis. His number is 612 703 0881.
  • Where to stay
    Within five miles of our studio: We get a really good deal for you from Nicollet Island Inn. Let them know you're coming to MAKEOVERGUY!
  • Where to eat
    Within two miles of our studio: Nicollet Island Inn (612) 331-1800 .1 mile, 1 minute The Sonder Shaker (612) 353-6557 .1 mile, 1 minute Aster Cafe (612) 379-3138 .2 mile, 1 minute Jefe Urban Cocina (612) 255-2000 .2 mile, 1 minute Kramarczuk's (612) 379-3018 .2 mile, 1 minute Alma (612) 379-4909 .7 miles, 3 minutes Red Cow North Loop (612) 238-0050 .8 mile, 4 minutes Spoon and Stable (612) 224-9850 .8 mile, 4 minutes Monte Carlo (612) 333-5900 1 mile, 5 minutes EaTo (612) 208-1638 1.1 miles, 5 minutes Oceanaire Seafood Room (612) 333-2277 1.2 miles, 8 minutes Smack Shack (612) 259-7288 1.3 miles, 6 minutes Borough (612) 354-3135 1.4 miles, 6 minutes Bar La Grassa (612) 333-3837 1.4 miles, 6 minutes HaiHai (612) 223-8640 1.8 miles, 6 minutes Half Fancy (612) 315-2340 1.8 miles, 6 minutes The Sample Room (612) 789-0333 1.8 miles, 7 minutes
  • Things to do