“Mr. Manuary should be handsome, funny, smart, involved with charities and deeply involved in the Twin Cities! …and did we mention… handsome? The man YOU choose for the much-sought after title of Mr. Manuary will also win $1,500 for his favorite charity! (The runner-up will get $500!)”














Well it looks like I have been drafted into the finals for Mr. Manuary 2017! Mr. Manuary is a promotion created by Mytalk 107, FM 107.1 in Minneapolis, Minnesota that brings awareness to each contestant’s charity. My charity is Avenues for Homeless Youth. 

So let the shameless self promotion begin!

My brand name is  “The Makeover Guy®” and I’m an entrepreneur, best selling author, internationally acclaimed singer and makeover artist.

At age 25 I founded the Christopher Hopkins Salon now known as reVamp! salonspa on Lake and Hennepin, a four thousand square foot salon and spa where men and women come from all over the world to gain inspiration and insight on what I call “The Power of Pretty®”

My appearances on countless television, radio and internet talk shows around the country include the Oprah Winfrey Show and the Today Show.

A baritone soloist with such world class orchestras as The Minnesota Orchestra, The Grand Teton Music Festival Orchestra, and the Hannover Radio Philharmonic in Germany, my PBS televised performance with the Erie Philharmonic can be seen globally on Youtube.

“I’ll Be Seeing You,” my debut vocal jazz album, nominated for the Gay Lesbian American Music Awards along side such notables as Rufus Wainwright and Sandra Bernhard has gained legions of listeners internationally many Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and others.

My unbridled passion to inspire through beauty has kept my best selling book, “Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45” in the top ten in Beauty and Style on Amazon.com for nearly a decade and his dramatic makeover series, “The Power of Pretty®” has gained 25,000 subscribers with 15 million views to his Youtube channel.

I am passionate about my charity from close personal experience.

“On any given night 6,000 Minnesota youth are are homeless and on their own. My charity, Avenues for Homeless Youth, provides emergency shelter, short term housing and supportive services to help lost youth transition to successful adults.

Please vote for round two between 12:00 a.m. Friday, January 27th until 11:59 p.m. Monday, January 30th.

Lori, Julia and Christopher Hopkins revving up for Mr. Manuary 2017.



32 thoughts on “Vote Christopher Hopkins, “The Makeover Guy®” for Mytalk 107’s Mr. Manuary 2017

  1. Well I found Christopher on YouTube and being following him every sense I think he’s a wonderful person I’m saving up so I can get my makeover also I’m 57 and I’m starting the second half of my life and I think Christopher is a man to do the job he’s a wonderful kind-hearted person from everything I see and he deserved to win this prize

  2. I vote for Christopher for Manurary. He has all the qualifications. His charity is a noble charity. I have been following him on YouTube. I love the people look after. It is like they have more pep in their step after their makeovers.

  3. Christopher’s compassion for others is contagious. He shares a life spirit to inspire others. Time after time, Christopher encourages others to rediscover their inner spirit and beauty. The customer’s age and maturity become an asset.
    His humanitarian spirit should inspire all of us to go forth and help others. He is pointing the way to helping youth find their way in life. Be a supporter of Christopher’s attention to this cause.

  4. I’ve met him. I’ve followed him. He is an open book. Real. Generous. Talented. Funny. An brilliant artist in his profession. And OMG….did I mention gorgeous? He has my vote.

  5. I’m a senior citizen now (83), and I thank Christopher for all the video shows he has shared. They have been so helpful. And he doesn’t just give advice to the young and beautiful, he has great advice for someone my age too. He has a gentle spirit, and is so giving and kind. I’d vote for him any time. He deserves it.

  6. I came across Christopher on You Tube completely by accident and have been following him ever since. His makeovers are magnificent, the best I have ever seen. He comes across as a lovely, courteous, funny and truly warm person. Wishing him every success, he deserves it.

  7. I have never been happy with my hair. I need HELP!!!!! Every hairstyles I have been to seem to cut it like everyone else. I have a round face and I am 57 yrs old. I feel very dull. Help

  8. Your makeovers for women of all ages is truly inspiring – I can’t imagine the souls you’ve touched – invisible Wow how sad is that and tears too – but not after your touch – unforgettable truly unforgettable- after reading your book I am now inspired and spreading your word in Canada xo

  9. I would love to meet you and see what you can do for my hair. I just found you on you tube and you are amazing. I live in Illinois and was wondering where you are located and how I could make an appointment with you and your staff for a much needed makeover. Thanks Karen

  10. I just watched the makeover of a woman with long gray hair- absolutely beautiful. How nice that Christopher knows how to cut hair–I think that is a secret kept from most stylists. The color was so dimensional and the make-up was perfect.
    I live in North Carolina and will continue to wait to get back to California before getting my hair styled again. Thank you for making people feel good- and remember Christopher you are a lovely flower among so many weeds.

  11. I really need help. After 13 years of being the sole caretaker for my very hostile aged father, I’m a mess. Dad passed away at 96. I was so busy with him that all of my hairstyling skills have disappeared. I used to love fixing up my hair and makeup.. I have wonderful thick hair. Please, help me.

  12. Hi I am an older mother (50 who has an 8 year old boy) who is trying to stay active and get the vitality back in my look. I don’t want to look like my son’s grandmother yet but my grays are wreaking havoc. Do you know anyone that can help me in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine Florida area?
    I love your work with us older, wiser, and beautiful women 🙂
    Thank you

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