They say appearance is everything. We don’t think it’s everything but it certainly is the only thing upon first impression. How we present ourselves is learned. That’s why we offer the tools and training to help you express your inner self through your outer beauty.

Silhouette : A figure analysis and consultation on how to flatter your unique body type to show you how to created your ideal silhouette. A handbook of your ideal necklines, sleeve, jeans, slacks, coat, jacket, blouse styles and lengths as well as ideal heel height, swim suit style, accessory placement and undergarment suggestions is included.

Eyewear : A consultation that includes trying on selected eyewear to discover your best frame styles.

Carriage : A postural analysis course in how to best carry yourself using video before and after. How to sit, stand, walk, enter and exit a room and carry yourself elegantly and powerfully. The course takes approximately three to four hours.

Voice : Vocal coaching to help you hear and speak correctly, clearly, melodiously and with impact.

Total Brand : Silhouette, Color, Etiquette, Carriage, and Personal Style analysis to help create your ideal personal brand.


$150 +


$150 +


$75 +


$750 +


$750 +


$750 +


$750 +

Total Brand

$2000 +

Personal Shopping

$1500 +

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