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What Color Eye Shadow? Questions for Christopher

question: I just bought your book!! I absolutely love it. I would like to know which colors are best for my green eyes to make them stand out and appear greener? Some say plums and purples or browns and taupes. Which is bes

t? Where are you located? I would love to have a makeover! Thank you

answer: Yes, opposites on the color spectrum will bring out the color of your eyes. Opposite of green is red which is violet/plum (red eye shadow…not so good).

Often, however, its better to go with what works for your actual skin tone…if you’re more olive or Mediterranean coloring with green eyes…plums are always a winner (Olive skin is better with neutral and cooler tones to cancel sallowness).

If you are peaches and cream and freckled or have a warmer toned dark complexion

..I’d stay away from blue based shadows regardless of the color of your eyes. Green eyed warm complected women tend to look best in warmer tones, like copper, peaches, cream, warm neutrals.

I’m in Minneapolis.

Thank you!

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