• Christopher Hopkins

TRENDING! Iridescence. How To Wear It.

Shimmer and shine, luster and gloss, all that captures light captures the eye. But how do you wear it and where should you put it?

Iridescence is a texture that is used to draw attention to itself. Consequently any place on your body that shines will appear larger, especially in a flash photo. And any flaw under the shine will be magnified. Read: Shapewear.  If you can feel any undergarment’s line with your hand, we will see it when you move.

Less is definitely more with iridescence which in large doses easily looks overdone and flashy off stage. Keep anything that reflects light on the areas of your body you want to enlarge or draw attention. If you’re a vertical A, an iridescent boxy cropped jacket will be a great investment. If you’re a Y consider a skirt or slacks that capture the light and send it back to your audience. With a wider waist, consider a flashy scarf and skirt or hip length handbag to divide focus.

The easiest and most practical piece may be an iridescent accessory, such as a handbag, shoes or scarf. The most important point is to just HAVE FUN with it. This simple perk may be the most practical punch to your wardrobe this year.

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