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Tips for Tipping Your Beauty Professional

I’m often asked if and how much one should tip his or her stylist or if they should tip the owner.

Hair, skin, and body professionals rely on their tips as a source of their income.  People tip anywhere from 15 to 20 percent of their service.  (Not on tax or retail product).  Still, a tip should depend on how satisfied you are.  Certainly if you’ve been made to wait longer than 20 minutes, it would be acceptable for it to reflect in your tip.  But if you don’t mind the wait and love your results, tip accordingly.  One thing I can I assure you is that beauty professionals notice and are appreciative of tip

If you are pleased with your service, a gratuity of 15 to 20 percent of your servicd price is appreciated.s.

What about the owner?

Many hairstylists rent a chair making them their own business owner.  You won’t find a stylist who rents a chair who will refuse a tip. In contrast, major corporate chain owners whose income is from company sales more than from their haircut may not expect (or desire) a tip. If your stylist is the owner simply ask the staff at the reception area what is generally done when you leave.

Often the owner charges more and in the mind of a client makes more money. This is often not the case.  The overhead, expense and pressure of owning a salon is relieved by the gracious gratuity of devoted clients. Though most upscale salon owners will not be offended if you don’t tip, I know of none that would be offended if you.


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