• Christopher Hopkins

The Return of “Summer Sheer” Hosiery

Tights. Stockings. Nylons. Pantyhose. Whatever the current term, hosiery appears to be making it’s long awaited (at least by me) return.

If you know me you know I love hosiery. I have fond memories under the Sunday dinner table engaged by beautiful silky-sheer toned legs and heels. I came of age during mini skirts and hot pants worn with sheer hosiery. A regular discussion I found fascinating was in finding “the right color.” In my book Staging Your Comeback, I debated engaging in the no-hose-with-open-toes or anything-but-nude hosiery controversy. But I couldn’t suppress my still unwavering opinion on the matter in favor of hosiery.

This opinion, understandably, isn’t popular amidst the under 40 crowd. Many have no idea the difference between sheer, ultra sheer, semi sheer and opaque. Yet, as the fickle finger of fashion again changes course, with it we find a return to the sheer pleasure of a sultry stockinged leg.

I’m not in favor of being swayed by trends in which one feels uncomfortable. So whether you’re yay or nay for summer sheers it’s is fortunately your choice. And whether it’s the future of fashion or just my wishful thinking, it appears that we yay’s may find sheer joy once again.

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