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The Power of Pretty® MAKEOVER! Long to Short More Polished and Professional

Mona came in from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She entered “makeover” into the search engine and we came up. She wanted a look that was more polished, professional, and a touch sexy to start off her new promotion. It was important to give the impression that would create more confidence and trust, so we decided to bring the length up to mid neck.

Emma Carpenter corrected the dark home hair color (a lot of work!) to a beautiful soft brunette. She hadn’t worn bangs in 20 years and the bangs added more youth and balanced a higher forehead.

I was a bit surprised when she started crying, though I am aware there is usually more going on in a makeover than hair and makeup!

We felt she looked 15 years younger afterward. She was very happy and we hope her new career is going splendidly.

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