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The Power of Pretty® and The Feminine Mystique, A Fun Bit Of History

Wu was not only beautiful, but bright. Ok, maybe she could also be a little ruthless, bitchy and manipulative but that’s not the point. With her beauty, charm and wit she maneuvered behind the scenes so that when the Emperor suffered a crippling stroke – boom! She was made Empress. And here you think you can’t even get your boss to give you a raise.

A couple thousand years earlier in 1520 B.C. a pretty girl named Esther worked her way from a poor orphaned minority to become the Queen of Persia. You see, King Xerxes was irritated with his wife for not dancing naked in front of his friends, so he got rid of her. Then, to find a new one, he gathered all the virgins in the land for auditions. He was not looking for a female genius, or a great athlete, or a hard worker with brains. He was looking for beauty. His demand was so great his “contestants” spent twelve months in beautification just to “spend a night” with him.

In the morning off she’d trot, waiting to see if he called her back for another go. But, out of all the beautiful Persian girls collected for tryouts, Esther was the favorite of Hegai, the girls’ castrated keeper. That guy just had no balls. Anyway, she was also voted Miss Congeniality by the other virgins prepping for their night with the King. So the girls, the boys and the boys-sans-boy-bits were all enamored by her.

Even with her natural beauty, had she not spent a year learning the Power of Pretty® she may have become, instead of a book of the Bible, just another one night stand.

And, remember Cleopatra? When Julius Caesar marched into Egypt in 48 B.C. there was a vicious dispute as to who should become the next ruler. Cleopatra wanted the job but knew if she even tried to text him on her ancient i-parchment the guy who held the coveted position would be very irritated and have her killed, even though it was her little brother.

This 19-year old Egyptian hottie knew that nobody would dare interfere with a gift for Caesar, so a beautiful oriental carpet was sent from her palace to his. When the carpet was unrolled, out popped captivating Cleo, eyeliner perfectly intact, to announce she was the rightful Queen of Egypt. Caesar, who was 54 at the time, fell in love with her beauty, and, thanks to her womanly wiles, become the Queen of Egypt making arm bracelets and eyeliner a fashion statement for centuries to come.

Though great intellect and ability got these women to the door it was their hypnotic appeal that opened it. And that is my dramatically illustrated point. There is great power in the feminine. Women know it. Men know it. Though some women seem to have “it” and some don’t I am here to tell you “it” can be learned, at any age and any stage.

I am not just talking about superficial applied beauty that truly is only skin deep, I’m talking about something more. Something deeper. Something beyond the lip color, mascara and push-up bra. It’s an essence known as charm, and at it’s finest it is called loveliness. We will explore in greater detail that quality of loveliness, so please subscribe to me here, on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter! 

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