• Christopher Hopkins

The Lovely Lennon Sisters: The Power of Pretty

Known as America’s Sweethearts for more than fifty years; Dianne, Peggy, Kathy and Janet, the Lennon Sisters entertained and enchanted as ladies of loveliness in voice and demeanor.

For me, I can listen to them, and laugh at some of the quirkiness of the times and the hairdos, but still, there is a studied elegance to their minimalist movements and hypnotic charm.

It’s difficult to deny the art of lovely taken to its most feminine and graceful (and quietly comforting) as portrayed in this Lawrence Welk Show Clip. No accessories, soft lip color, a simple wide scoop neckline with 3/4 sleeves. Virtually no move

ment, but just precision of tone and diction and pleasant smiles. Lovely. Imagine anyone attempting to stand in one spot and sing…just a voice and a smile…no special effects, no screaming fans, no editing.

Ya just don’t see it anymore.

I admit, I love the hairdo’s. Certainly the bouffant is of it’s time, but it is

a time when being finished, lady like, polished and perfumed was a standard to which to aspire, not something from which to run.

When people argue of the repression of wom

en of the time I understand and agree. The dynamic had to change, of course, for progress to be made. Unfortunately what was lost along the way is a missing commodity today.

I still look at these ladies and see the power of pretty, and the lost art of loveliness.



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