• Christopher Hopkins

The Importance of Being Current

In 1986 I stayed with relatives in California whom I had never met. I distinctly recall the odd feeling of nostalgia walking into that house. It was spotless and meticulously decorated in dark Mediterranean style with green shag carpeting and gold glass pendant lights. I had stepped back in time. One evening this couple dressed to go out to dinner. I noticed that they both dressed in clothes that were fashionable and attractive. For 1974. He wore a gray polyester leisure suit and she, aqua polyester slacks topped with a floral patterned peach and aqua overblouse. They were in their 50’s. It was apparent to me they had stopped paying attention to fashion and decorating around the time their children had left home. As I approach their age it reminds me that every generation can easily do the same.

You see, when we’re in our early 20’s, looking current is easy. It is easy because we’re just beginning to build our wardrobe and filling it with what is in style. We are buying trends without really thinking about it. We hit the first wall around 30. This is when what was hot in college starts to look dated. We have no experience with being outdated, because we’ve been current by default. The next hurdle comes in our late thirties and early 40’s. At this point we can’t easily pull off extreme trend at budget prices. We’re older, and wearing clothes from Forever 21 just won’t cut it. By the time we hit our 50’s, coverage and camouflage becomes key. It is key at this point to reassess our look, keep it fresh, and rid ourselves of outdated looks regardless of how nice they “were.”

Keeping current is undoubtedly a constant and not inexpensive challenge. With all the technology with which we are bombarded, however, we still have the old standby; the monthly magazine. Magazine subscriptions are one of the most effective ways of getting information you can absorb on your downtime. The whole experience of sitting down with and perusing a magazine that inspires is a ritual that endures. Magazines are the great equalizer. No matter where you live in the country you have the same access to fashion, fitness and beauty that the most upscale, in-the-know New York socialite has, because she gets her “W” magazine the same time you do. When “O” comes out, you’re right there with all of Oprah’s associates on the hottest, latest and most suitable fashion, food, fun and inspiration you need that month. You just go to your mailbox, Oprah is waiting for you, and it’s your turn to dream.



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