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Styles, like everything else, change. Style doesn’t.

I’m often reminded how wrapped up we can get with fashion. In my earlier days media was always asking for a moniker. Fashion Guru, Celebrity Hairstylist, Beauty Expert. I never liked the word fashion. Even “the latest fashion” is something I’d rather know about, but not necessarily report about. I like finding out what gives someone their own style, and providing the tools to accomplish that goal. That’s how I finally grabbed onto “The Makeover Guy®“.  It allows me to talk about what that which I have a passion.

That’s why I like this quote from Linda Ellerbee. I think it’s much more attractive to have a style rather than be driven by trends or fads. You can see them everywhere. A gaggle of girls in leggings, boots, long hair, and some sort of top of the moment. Be stylish. Not trendy. It’s much sexier, and much classier. Remember a trend is only as good as it is on you. Consider body type, age and quality rather than “it fits, it’s cheap, I’m comfortable.”

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