• Christopher Hopkins

Spring Trend 2014 Wide Legged Pants

With a 180 degree about face from form-fitting “skinny” pants, wide legged trousers take center stage this spring. But who can wear them and how?

Well, from a silhouette standpoint, the wider you travel from straight leg wide leg the shorter and wider you will appear. Though not ideal on petites or those with short leg to torso proportions, if you’ve got long legs get ready to rock it.

When draped in a moderate width, fuller fannies and thicker thighs get a much needed reprieve from their painful portrayal  in “skinny” pants malls across America. Just make sure the fabric skims your hips, gracefully cascading into a strong vertical line.

To help lengthen your look choose a higher rise, add heel height and accessorize with a matching rather than contrasting belt.

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