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“Something Light and Fun,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

With a name like Cookie you can’t help but expect to enjoy her company. With already naturally curly red hair I felt growing out the top somewhat and shortening the sides and nape would be the right pick me up that Cookie was looking for. With crisp and youthful makeup and a deeper red all I really had to do was let her hair do it’s thing. The amazing reVamp! makeup and haircolor team made this makeover. Carol: It’s Carol Cool, but everybody calls me Cookie. Something light and fun. Just shorter, and I want to keep my curls. I think it’s fantastic! Robert : Oh, fun. Carol: Actually, I have a little place in Saint Paul, but I work in Register. My hair. Absolutely my hair. It was fun with Christopher because he’s so excited about doing it. We could be here all night and he’d still be playing with it. Christopher: I’m liking it. It’s a good way to end our Saturday. Robert (behind camera): Do you have any restraints on what we can and cannot do? Carol: Nope. I’m open. Thank you. Robert: All right.

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