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Single Mom Stages Comeback

I’ve never written to an author before but I just had to write to tell you how absolutely inspired I am by your book.

I have heard you many times on FM107 on the Laurie & Julia show but I heard about your book on the morning show with Ian and Margery. As soon as I heard you talking about the book, I knew I wanted to get it but it took me over a week to find the time to go to the bookstore and look for it. That’s indicative of my life and schedule.

I am 51, I am a single mom of 2 teenage boys (1 of them with developmental disabilities) I have a management level full time job and a lots of dreams about things I haven’t quite gotten around to doing yet.

As soon as I started reading your book I realized that when I look at the young ladies in my office who are just getting started in their careers I think ” I remember when I used to take time like that to get ready in the morning, when I used to own shoes in every color and my hand bag actually matched my outfit. I remember experimenting with hair styles (some good, some not but at least I was experimenting)”

These days it’s become the same pants and tops. Sweaters that come back every winter, T-Shirts in the summer and the most comfy shoes I can find. A little foundation and blush but no time for the eyes or lips. You get the picture.

Your book just shook my world. I started with a little more make-up, Then I bought a short jacket, Then I bought another one with a bracelet that contrasted and stood out. People started noticing, they started asking what was going on. I am loving it!

I brought the book to work, we started passing it around, it started lots of great conversations about what we used to do and why did we stop?

Thanks so much for writing this book. I can’t make myself completely over and I can’t afford a whole new wardrobe but my whole view of myself is changed and I sure can make an effort to be the best I can be. On the outside I look like a suburban mom, I have always known there is much more to me than that and you gave me permission to let everyone else see it too.

Thanks so much, D.

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