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Should You Wear Red Lipstick?

Red lips are stunning, but draw attention to your mouth, nose and any imperfections of lip line. Meticulous application is a must.

Bright Red Lips come and go. But it’s back in a big way for fall 2012. The look is most comfortably worn on the Dramatic, Innovative, and Alluring personal styles. This look is a strong statement and requires METICULOUS application. Correct all lip imbalances before wearing. Best worn with crisp clean dramatic brows and softer clean eye makeup.


  1. Women who have perfect lips, or know how to correct them with pencil.

  2. Women who’s personal style is more dramatic, alluring or innovative.

  3. Women who want to evoke confidence, sexuality and style.


  1. Women who do not want to look older. Bright and dark lips are more aging than softer gentler colors.

  2. Women who don’t like their nose. Bright lips draw away from the eyes to the nose.

  3. Women with unbalanced lips, unattractive mouths and/or bad teeth.

If you want to go for the red take these tips:

  1. Cover lips with concealer or foundation. It’s like primer.

  2. Line your lips starting with the cupid’s bow v first to center.

  3. Draw a horizontal line to the bottom lip directly perpendicular to the V

  4. Connect both to the outer corners of the mouth and make sure they look balanced.

  5. Fill in with lip liner

  6. Apply lip color from the center of the lips out to the edge

  7. Blot, powder, reapply then blot once more.

When wearing bright red remember to keep eye shadow neutral and brows meticulously shaped.

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