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Revealing Your Inner Beauty (With A Little Mascara)

Michelle came along “for the ride” with a group of friends for a makeover. At forty, having been raised with no sisters by a mother who opposed “artificial” beauty, she had never put much energy into her appearance. Since she lived on a farm and worked outdoors she found no need to make the effort. When she sat in my chair she told me immediately she wasn’t a makeup kind of gal. I let loose. “When I looked at you in the lobby I thought you were closer to fifty than forty. You have a beautiful face, but you look much older than you are. How much time do you think you’ll have to look young and pretty? With ten more minutes in the morning you can be absolutely beautiful!” Bam. She wasn’t offended. She was ready to hear it, understood my intent, and was able to dissect what I was really saying. When her makeover was completed, her friends along with everyone else in the salon, were agog. Though she said she felt “made up,” she looked natural, beautiful and youthful. I told her she needed to do this every day for the rest of her life or I was going to be really mad. I ran into her months later and saw her looking equally as polished as the day she left the salon. Now let me tell you how rarely this happens. I can count on one hand the makeovers I’ve done that looked as good the next time I saw them. She said she had worn the makeup every day since the makeover. It took her awhile to figure it all out but with her friends’ help it had changed her life. As a result she was given better service, more respect, and her self-esteem had shot to new heights. Interestingly, her mother hates the makeup and can’t understand why she would color her hair when “women pay a lot of money” for her natural color. Michelle has learned that makeup is an intrinsic expression of our spirit. Through the artful play of color, light, contrast and depth, her youthful inner spirit was revealed. Michele blasted a belief system that could have kept her from enjoying her Second Act with this renewed self-assurance. Now I need to get at her mom. I’m tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That’s deep enough. What do you want – an adorable pancreas? ~Jean Kerr, The Snake Has All the Lines I believe we all have an inner spirit and, whatever it’s called, the entity inside this body is young, alive, and with purpose. Since my spirit is eternally 28 years old, the challenge as my body ages, however, is in seeing a reflection in the mirror that accurately expresses the inner me. It’s like I have to explain. “I’m really 28, I just look older.” As we age, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. That’s the glory of makeup — it helps express your inner spirit more accurately. When you’re young, makeup can be used for art. You can have fun trying different shades, colors, textures, and combinations. But as we age, our makeup needs to become more focused. Simpler. You truly only need the basics. The rest is fluff for makeup lovers and sales for cosmetic companies. Many women are so confused with the myriad of options they’d rather do nothing than try something that doesn’t work. In other words, they’d rather look drab than foolish. My goal is to help you pare your makeup down to the essentials. My next blog will give you some simple tips and techniques to keep it simple and yourself simply beautiful.

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