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Readers Write: What Blouses For a Short Waist, Pear Shaped, Petite?


I love your book and I had a question about clothing for my body type. I am a A3 , petite and 5’3’’. I am short waisted too. What type of tops do you suggest?

Hope you have a fabulous day!!

Phylis Hi Phylis,

Of course there are exceptions based on things like neck length, shoulders etc. but a few good choices for a woman with fuller hips to bust proportion and who has a shorter torso to leg length are:

Off the shoulder, boat neck, blouson, yoked, wide V’s, wide scoop, shawl collar, wide spread collars, puffed sleeves (slightly puffed not too much for petites), ruffled necklines, gathered necklines (increases bustline), crotch length and longer, do not belt or tuck.

Avoid halter, dolman, raglan, peasant sleeves or anything that draws the eye down to the hip and narrows the upper body. Also avoid to slim fitting in the waist as the smaller you make your waist the bigger you make your butt.

Remember to avoid jacket pockets or details in the torso area (never accentuate your shortest proportions). If you do tuck, blouse the top (blouson appearance) so it lengthens the waist. Tunics and longer sweaters (crotch length and longer).

Hope that helps!



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