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Readers Write: Should I wear a wig?

Question: Do you have recommendations for women with thin hair? I have been using Rogaine for over a year now, and it looks like this is all the hair I’m going to have… I got a custom partial wig a few years back but it felt awful (even though expensive) and looked like a dead ferret on my head. Well, maybe a dead ferret with auburn fur. So, I’m thinking

of just going for a wig. Do you have thoughts about this? Thanks. Answer: I can’t see you, so I assume two things. It’s bad enough that you feel the need to wear a wig and you are confident enough to wear a wig and make it your own.

I’m all about wigs for women who have just no other option. I’m even about wigs on women who do have options. I’ve always thought wigs are fun. People have many reasons to not, but there are so many good wigs out there now that having at least a few as a back up is certainly a suggestible option.

Like finding the perfect dress, the perfect wig could well need some alterations. Find a hairstylist who can cut wigs and have them customized. That makes a big difference.

Nothing is going to feel as good as your own hair, but nothing reflects you to greater advantage like the illusion of the alternative. When choosing between dramatically visible scalp and a wig…I say go for the wig.

I have always noted how the women who wore wigs when I was growing up look exactly the same 30 years later to me. They never seem to age. Part of it is they have the same hair they had 30 years ago!

Check out my blog on Thinning Hair. There may be some answers there as well.

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