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Readers Write: Review of the Month!!

By A reader

Although maybe I don’t make the cut-off (I turned 40 last birthday) and haven’t read a book “just for fun” in way too long, I’m awfully glad Christopher found me.

Thank you for making me laugh. You did that a lot. I even read sections to my husband, who especially enjoyed, “Hello, bat wings.”

Thank you for helping me clean seven jumbo garbage bags of clothes, shoes, and accessories out of my closet and dresser. Things I’d kept forever, but never really liked; things I’d liked forever, but never looked right wearing. Newer things I never should have bought. Colors not friendly to my complexion. Jackets cut off right at hip-line…no thanks!

I actually bought some make-up for the first time in years. You were right: a few simple changes in eyebrows, eye-lash curlers, and a little lip color can make all your friends start asking if you’ve lost weight – even when you haven’t. I didn’t think anyone would notice such small alterations. The great thing is, they notice *something* good, but subtle.

Because of you, I started doing my hair instead of just getting it out of the way. It really doesn’t take that much longer, like you said.

Because of you, I saw my style was pretty confused and there were a bunch of conflicting messages coming out of my closet and off my body.

Because of you, I’ve got a better idea than ever before of what actually looks good on me, and I’m spending less money on junk!

Because of you, my local thrift store is stocked with stuff that I’ll never have to iron, wash, dust, or poke into a corner again.

No, I’m not related to Christopher Hopkins. I’ve never met him, and I’m not getting kick-backs.

I did enjoy his book very much. This past year I was severely ill. The chances of making it looked grim for a long, long time. When I realized survival might happen, I decided life was too short to waste looking like death – and Christopher gave me tracks to run on as I was getting back on my feet.

You might wonder why I never made all these changes on my own. I really don’t know. Facing mortality played a part, but I’m quite sure that reading this book got the ball rolling in a way it never has before.

Thanks for using your unique, valuable skills and lively, fun personality to help the rest of us out here, Christopher. I will always associate you with new life and new hope.



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