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Readers Write: Letter Of The Week

Christopher or his staff:

Thank you for writing Comeback. What a great book. The best of its genre. I’ll be looking for your new book too. For me, the best thing you bring to us in Comeback is your Image Profiles. As I am an artist I already had an intuitive eye that had been trained to look for proportion, line and color. But what I didn’t know was that there is an image profile to guide me in all of my appearance choices. It was a revelation to find out than I am a Classic!!! Afterall, most of my life I felt compelled to look artsy and distinctive. Yet when I did, it never felt quite right. Or I was driven by abundant estrogen to look sexy, which felt right but…uh, when you have that much estrogen, you really don’t need to accentuate it with your clothes. Or God forbid, too much makeup. (Even as clueless as I was, I figured that out at an early age.) Somewhere in your book you make the statement that “Classics find pleasure in being appropriately dressed” and that statement resonates to the core of my being. Whether on the trail or in front of the camera, nothing is more satisfying to me than being appropriately dressed. Which brings me to the second point I’d like to make. When I bought your book last summer, I pored over it with my sister, who, like me, has lived in the West for the last three decades. We are both outdoors people and we both think that the outdoors-nature-Western lifestyle is overlooked in your book. It is the book’s only shortcoming. She thinks it should be its own profile; while it may overlap Casual, it really is a distinct look. I would be happy if you just incorporated that outdoors-nature-Western style in some of your makeovers or in some image suggestions. Lastly, I want you to know that your book helped put me back on track for finding an attractive look. At age 50, six years ago, I donated a kidney to a brother-in-law. Unfortunately, the incision herniated and the upshot is, I now have a very odd shaped belly: it sticks out like I’m pregnant, but only on one side. I was devastated to have my appearance so altered. Plus, through the course of several corrective surgeries, I gained a lot of weight. Even after I lost most of that weight came the realization that I would never look “good” again because I have been permanently deformed. But your book made me realize that we can always maximize our looks, and helped me find the Classic in me — and identify my correct body type (Y4). I may not be all the way there just yet, but I feel so much better about my appearance and actually look forward to refining it as I am transformed into my future Self. This spring I found the perfect blazer for me — long straight line that drops from nice square shoulders, notched collar, deep V, one button. You’d approve. It was so perfect I bought it both in ivory and black, even though they were a little steep for my budget. But when I wear them, I know my appearance reflects who I am, and I feel beautiful. Thank you again. Thank you so much. Deborah




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