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Readers Write: Letter of the Week

Dear Christopher and staff:

I don’t really have a question, just a note of thanks. For the first time in seven years, I feel hopeful that I can look okay again. I bought Staging Your Comeback yesterday. Boy, did I need it. Six years and eleven months ago, my world fell apart in many ways-illness, miscarriages, job losses, financial hardship, you name it, I’d been through it. I was newly married at 40 and in my first year of law school, but I stuck it out and learned how to walk, talk and think again after severe illness. However, the traumas took their toll on my psyche and looks. I look sick and tired…and feel it, too. But this book offers clear, realistic advice yet delivered stunning results. And the pictures are so beautiful. I’m thinking…maybe it is time for my comeback. I’m going to read it thoroughly and try some of the tips. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and gifts.

Judi Miles, Cleveland Heights, OH



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