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Readers Write: Hope is Believing You Will

Dear Christopher,

I am new to your website and book, actually I bought the book for my mother when her husband passed away 4 years ago. She just passed it back to me and said she thought I needed it. Could it be because I have “how to spot signs you might be having a breakdown” on my favorites list?

I have started by giving myself permission to take the time and actually READ your book and not just flip through the pages…I have a card I have started to carry in my purse or pocket to remind myself of the good things I still am…creative, unique and authentic. You have given me hope that I can again find my niche and direction for the next 50 years, wow! I am not the celebrity stalker type (except for theme dressing for an Elton John Concert 30 years ago,oh my), I have thought that this is just a job for most, but watching you in your videos, I believe you are sincere about your mission and this little note confirmed it for me.

One of these days I may get the guts to ask for special help 🙂 I am physically challenged and I have to dress from the floor up…Granny Chic is on it’s way in!

May God bless you and yours this Christmas and in the New Year!

Signing off from my little cabin in North Carolina…

Anna R

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