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Dearest Christopher,

I purchased your book while visiting in Phoenix, and I felt compelled to write to you. I devoured your book in a single afternoon while staying at the Orange Tree Resort. I would dearly DEARLY love for me and my best friend Carol {who will be 58 in January} to have a complete makeover with you! I just turned 43 on September 20, and I am in the process of losing weight {again}. The trouble is, I feel lost. Since both my parents are deceased, and I am an only child, I look to Carol for support and infinite wisdom, and she has undergone a transformation herself, losing 75 pounds and counting! I would love to give her the gift of a complete makeover for her birthday this coming January!

I know you are horrendously busy, but I felt an instant connection with you after reading about your relationship with your mother and hearing you speak of her with such reverence. You have touched a chord within my soul, and I would dearly love for you to bring out Carol’s best, and in the process, help me find the “me” that lives inside me. Thank you for your time, and thank you for sharing the gift of transformation with so many. You are a blessing beyond words.


Lori Bell



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