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Question for Christopher: Wife Says I Wear Wrong Jeans

Question: Hi Christopher, I am a 48 yr old male who works out every day and is in great physical condition and want to wear Levi’s Jeans. My wife informs me that I must get with the current trend and update to a more fashionable style/brand… I’m not sure I read of any cutoff age to wear Levi’s… What is your opinion?? Thanks…..

Answer: Levi’s are always cool but there are different styles of Levi’s…(MANY) so if you’re wearing the light wash higher waist red label with the tapered legs that we wore in the 80’s or baggy from the 90’s, she’s right. Nothing WRONG with them, but they can kind of look dad like and dated.

Try different cuts of Levis. Slimmer fit, darker wash etc.

Maybe a slightly lower rise…

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Otherwise, the two of you go together to a store with lots of jeans and just start trying some on. Some with stretch (I like 7 for all mankind, or Rock and Republic, Antique Denim.) They can be really flattering and really comfortable and actually do things with texture and washes and pocket placement that make your hard worked body even better. But if you’re pretty classic in your other clothes, you’ll be safe with Levis in a different wash/cut/leg.

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