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Question for Christopher: How Does An Aging Redhead Handle Makeup and Hair Color Choices?

Question: I’m a 67 year old natural redhead, curls,freckles and all. My hairdresser colors my hair—question is: How does a fading, aging redhead handle makeup choices and hair color intensity?

Answer: Well, if you have my book (www.stagingyourcomeback.com) you can see the redhead who was 69 at the time. It will give a bit of a visual.

It really depends on several things…fashion personality (are you more dramatic, more natural, more classic?) and your ability to be meticulous with make up.

If you’re good with make up, make sure you have the eyeliner on, brows filled and shaped and lips applied.

If you want to soften…strawberry blond is always nice, but you still will need eyes. I’m still a believer in black mascara and brown liner to the end, personally. Unless you prefer very natural. Which can mean faded.

(I don’t find faded an adjective I prefer but I do get it).

Check out this vlog…


In the middle of the video you’ll see a woman who was a redhead go to strawberry blonde and the make up matches beautifully.

My mother, by the way, is 69. She is still dramatic with make up and hair…it’s a lot of work, but it works for her better than fading away.

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