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Put Some Glitter on your Twitter and Sparkle on New Year’s Eve

As Candide’s Cunegonde delightfully dished in that delicious Operetta aria, “Glitter and be Gay!” Well, when better I say, than on New Years Eve? Aside from the obvious glitter getters such as

ear, neck, and wrist accessories, let’s consider some other option to add sparkle to your New Year’s Eve.

Sparkle can be applied almost anywhere, but remember, wherever you give glint there goes the eye. That’s why it’s often best to keep focus on the face. Unless, of course, you have another place on which you’d like eyes to rest. The most sophisticated “less is more” approach is always appropriate, but on New Year’s Eve appropriate isn’t always the goal. With that in mind bring out your beauty bling using these tips, starting from the top.

Your HEAD · Sparkly hair accessories such as clips, combs, barrettes and bows can be added in creative placement, but popular this year is the sequined appliqué headband. Simple to add to almost any hairstyle, it’s reminiscent of the 1910’s and 20’s. · Feeling crafty? Glue craft Rhinestones to hairpins or bobby pins. Let dry then creatively place throughout your do. · Glitter spray. Remember to do your hair first then add just a touch. Glitter sprays can be difficult to control, so make sure you’re dressed in a robe to avoid getting it on your body or clothes. Your FACE Light expands and dark recedes and shine reveals whatever it’s placed upon. The most dramatic places to add sparkle is on areas you wish to either accentuate or expand. Shimmer is usually most attractive on brow and cheekbones, eyelids, and lips. · Try dipping false eyelashes in glitter glue then sprinkle with festive cosmetic glitter for a dramatic lash batting attention getter. · Create a flirty pout by adding glitter to the center bottom lip them gently “smoosh” lips together for a flirty pout. · Apply glitter glue and press on glitter with a soft brush for more dramatic impact · Eyelash adhesive along the lash line pressed with festive glitter is an easy way to line the eyelid for some added “pop.” Helpful Hint: Never use metallic craft glitter on your face. Made from plastic and glass in can be dangerous on the skin or near eyes. FDA approved cosmetic glitter is made with polyester. BODY · Make light dance on your décolleté by dusting clavicles, bust and shoulder bones with golden shimmer powder. · Trace a tattoo with glitter glue then with a soft shadow brush press glitter in creative colors for bedazzled body art. · Don’t forget nails! Hands and feet can sparkle too with glittery polish or an added gem. Choose colors that complement or contrast your New Year’s Eve party attire. New Year’s Eve is your time to shine. So bring out the bling, light up the room and “SPARKLE Nealy, SPARKLE!”

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