• Christopher Hopkins

Power of Pretty: Vera Ellen

Loveliness epitomized is Vera Ellen while dancing. What grace and power. Here you can watch all that in a pink chiffon as-girlie-as-can-be dress that reveals but forearms and ankles. What man wouldn’t race to open her door or pull out her chair? And if he was lucky, she’d let him.

Turns out coverage had more to do with making her look heavier than giving her a restrained demure.

Notice the hands, the angle of the head, and at 1:11 she doesn’t look down when descending the stairs and her head absolutely floats down with her. Lovely.

Touted to have the smallest waist in Hollywood, she couldn’t sing a note, but I always look forward to the one note she DID sing coming out of the train in “White Christmas” singing “Snow.” One note. And she’s off. Gotta smile.



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