• Christopher Hopkins

Power of Pretty: Rhonda Fleming, Ann Sheridan, Lori Nelson

I wouldn’t want to mess with Rhonda Fleming.  Something about her says, I’m speaking with a melodious voice, but don’t mess with me or I’ll hurt you.

Ah the power of pretty. The arch of the brow, the “Italian Boy” fringe that soften a wide forehead, the feminine oval nails, and “never show the palm of your hand” gestures that have become a forgotten art of expression.

Watch the next two women. Ann Sheridan and Lori Nelson, chosen as spokes models for Lustre Cream Shampoo. Lovely elocution, soft voice, speaking slowly but clearly. Powerful and feminine.  Shoulders at an angle, scoop necklines, pearls, hands forward, and notice how they hold the jar.  Lovely.

The craft of power in the feminine. It’s easy to laugh at today. But a woman who can express this hypnotic charm could get just about anything she’d ask for.

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