• Christopher Hopkins

Power of Pretty: Elizabeth Taylor

It is incredibly humbling to post on my blog the queen of the power of pretty, Dame Elizabeth Taylor. To the many who have only been exposed to the last few years of less than glamorous appearances, she has become a caricature. To me she has been the paramount of beauty and glamor with a mystique that will never be in our lifetime. I’ve been mesmerized by whatever it is they talk about since, of course, she was so talked about throughout my entire life.

It was in the movie Suddenly Last Summer where I saw it. Up until then I, like many, followed the oohs and ahhs of others, never really seeing anything other than yes, she’s pretty but there are a lot of pretty women. I realized I couldn’t remove my eyes from the black and white screen.

I am usually sort of a devil’s advocate. If everyone is in love with this months star celebrity of the moment, I can find what’s not interesting about her. But watch

any clip, even an interview an it is easy to see what electricity and breathtaking power of pretty this woman has.

I could spend hours finding the “right” clips, but it is just too all consuming. Here are just two. A small glimpse. But even a small glimpse of iffy quality video cannot stop her powerful penetration of…well, pulchritude

right through your computer screen. Captivating.




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