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Power of Pretty: Angie Dickenson as Pepper Anderson

The reason I chose “The Power of Pretty” as a blog title is partially because it is the working title for my next book…which if I quit blogging I might have more time to work on. But one must blog to keep fans to sell books to write another, so: I blog.

In the course of blogging I build my book, so in a way, you’re sharing in the process. I always ask for comments. Your comments help me see perspectives that might help augment the view of the book and how it can inspire and entertain as well as educate. That’s all I’m here for.

Back to Pepper. There is no denying that Angie Dickenson had a smokin’ hot bod. Very sexy. But as truly one of the first women on television to portray such a powerful role in a series the combination of “I woke up, set and tease my hair, put on a full face of make up, and found this cute outfit PLUS I’ll shoot you down if you move a muscle” is the stuff dreams are made of. Well, I’m thinking most straight guys wouldn’t break down the first part past “woke up,” but I digress.

That’s what it is. Aside from the obvious gun totin’ police woman, she’d never make it past the pilot without the hair, the false eyelashes, the figure, the soft lipstick and the cleavage. A cat just has more meow with a little fur fluffing.

These two clips are fun. The first one because it captures so many looks from the 70’s that are undeniably sexy on the right body. They wouldn’t call them Mom jeans on Angie. The second…well, it just sort of freaks me out but I can’t stop watching.

(NOTE: This Video Clip is actually just 3 minutes long).

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