• Christopher Hopkins

Over 70 Beauty Revival: Makeover Mondays

Kate Higgins is an inspiration here at 70 years old. She prefers comfort over high fashion, but comfortable can be flattering. We updated Kate’s look with a short haircut and what we call a “horseshoe” haircolor: a level 6 dark blond at the nape, a level seven medium blond through

the crown and a level eight light blond on top with highlights added for dimension. White hair can be pretty, but the blond is definitely more youthful. The vertical lines of the vest slenderize a larger waistline and shoulder

pads help give youth and crispness to the shoulder line. Upturned collar lifts. All comfortabl

e, but still “active” looking. Kate’s been through a lot in her 70 plus years, including surviving cancer. She’s a testatment to staying vital into your 70’s and beyond. To watch the behind the scenes on Kate’s makeover, and to hear more of her story click here, select her photo, and click the video link.



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