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It’s been awhile since you last heard from me. Some of you are new subscribers and this is the first email from me. Some of you have been fans and friends and family for many years.

I write to you today to tell you of some exciting news. In September Robert and I will be opening the new “MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis,” the first Image Development Studio of it’s kind.

Yes, we will still be doing hair and makeup. But more than that we will provide a place for the many makeovers that are coming in from all over the country and the world. A place located in the historic neighborhood of St. Anthony West along the Mississipi River.

The neighborhood was established in 1849 as the Village of St. Anthony Falls. These falls were seen in 1680 by Father Louis Hennepin, a Jesuit credited as the first European to explore the area that is now Minneapolis.

We will be located where Hennepin Avenue and Main Street intersect. The address is 43 SE Main St, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414. Our new phone number is 612 377 2711.

There are always many questions that arrive during a transition to something new. I have been keeping a video blog that explains the process as it has been happening since last March. I think you may find it informative and entertaining.

Where we will be EXACTLY from August 1st until we open in September is yet to be determined. But we will be somewhere and we will let you know when we know.

Please feel free to call us at 612 377 2711. The red princess telephone is sitting on our kitchen counter and when we can run to it we will answer. If you leave a message, Robert will return your call. And, of course, you can just leave one of the many wonderful encouraging messages from all over the world we have been receiving. We can always use the boost of confidence that gives us.

If you are coming to us after September 1st, I would reccomend staying at the Nicollet Island Inn. It is a short walk across the Mississippi, less than 3 blocks from MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis. The area is very special. And a very special experience we are now able to give you on many levels.

Stay tuned. Subscribe to our Youtube channel. Join the fun on Facebook. It is through this social media we are able to keep you informed in real time as to what is happening and what you can expect.

Thank you all for being our peeps. We love you!

Your Makeover Guy,




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