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Now I Have To Wear Glasses, What Do I Do?

Dear Christopher,

I bought your book a few months ago and have been reading and rereading it ever since. I’m 57 and about a year ago my ophthalmologist told me I can’t wear contacts anymore. So I’ve had to buy glasses, and I hate how I look in them. Even when I was young I hated how I looked, and it’s worse now! I have a little face, thick earlobe length hair, and the glasses are too much, even though I found the smallest frames I could. What do I do about eye makeup? Are there any basic hairstyle principles that would help?

Hi Barb,

Oh I wish there were simple answers to these questions. There are, of course, clear frames and frame-less eye-wear, and certainly eye-wear can make a distinctive, interesting and fun look. Depending on your prescription, eye make up can be magnified, so keeping it lighter (if you’re far sighted) and a little bit more (if you’re near sighted) will help.

My instinct is that if you have thick ear lobe length hair you feel closed in with glasses. Shorter hair or hair that is worn more off the face will help open the look. Make sure to have immaculately shaped and groomed brows and keep earrings smaller. As always we want to focus on the eyes, not the eye-wear.

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