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My Once Full Lush Hair is Now Thin and Lifeless

“I’m getting ready to turn 50. I grew up with thick curly hair that often times was more like a lions mane. Ive done a lot to it over the past few decades. But thanks to a metabolic disorder my once full lush hair is now humiliating thin and lifeless. I fight to hide the thinness and often find myself just crying for there seems no escape. Ive watched many of your videos on youtube and have become utterly fascinated. Could I ever look as pretty as many of those women?..could I ever feel pretty again?..better yet could you help me?”

Of COURSE you can! You’re not even 50 yet!! Many of those women are in their 60’s with next to NO hair and they look fab afterwards. It’s difficult when you’ve never had to work with the hair type you now have when you are used to something else. Likely, with the right products and tools and scalp concealer (Dermatch is good), you’ll be stunning. It is difficult to make exact recommendations without actually feeling and seeing your hair, but I do know the less shampoo you use the better. There’s a great book called Curly Girl by Loraine Massey that can help you with your less than lush curly hair. 

If you haven’t read my book, it’s called “Staging Your Comeback” a complete beauty revival for women over 45. It will tell you everything I know without you actually sitting in my chair! Time for a beauty revival! (Me too).

Cheers reclaiming your beauty!


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