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Men’s Makeover at 59: Makeover Mondays

Let’s take a look at Blake. At 59 he’s more fit and active and vital than many men I have met half his age. To be honest, he didn’t need a makeover. He was one of our AARP model search winners, but we spruced him up. The big talking point for Blake is how one monochromatic line of color will elongate. He’s not very tall. And no matter how fit we are, as we get into our 50’s and 60’s we tend to just look better with good shoulder definition: usually in the form of: a jacket.

Another point to mention is the rule that dark expands and light receeds. Not only does light on the bottom and dark on the top make you, well, a little hippy, it will make you look shorter.

I’ve always been a suit and blazer guy, anyway. Ever since my first rented Prom tuxedo I’ve understood the confidence created with a suit jacket. Back then it his how thin I was. It gave me some bulk. Now, I don’t feel I have to “suck in” all night. As I’ve watched myself and so many others on camera over the years, nothing beats a jacket for the most professional presentation.

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