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Manscaping. Removing The Body Hair You Don’t Want and Grooming the Hair You Do

I came of age in the late 70’s and early ’80’s. Body and facial hair was all the rage and was sported with open shirts on television, movies and magazines. I dreamed of the day I too would have a chest like Lyle Waggoner or Burt Reynolds. Oh if I could just look like Barry Gibb, Mark Harmon or Tom Selleck I could surely gain the nodding approval of men and women everywhere.

As fate would have it, my body hair wish was granted, and for one brief moment, I had the look. But soon the fickle finger of fashion was pointing to the less hirsute  and I learned how to manage and maintain what was spreading like wildfire with no apparent plan.

As you may note in the chart below, like scalp hair, all body hair is not created equally. And as we age our body hair continues to spread to places we don’t want it while thinning in places we do. Add texture and color changes and it can be less than pretty.

Looking younger, more fit, and more attractive at the gym, pool or beach requires a bit more effort that it did in those crazy, lazy, hazy days of a 70’s summer. To illustrate this point I waxed my partner Robert’s nostril hairs on television.  It’s good entertainment.

Watch Robert get his nose hair waxed on KARE-11

Though the hairy body trend appears to be on the rise, those who choose to keep things in check

Manscaping:  Removing the hair you don’t want and grooming the hair you do.

There are basically 4 methods for men’s hair removal at home.  You can

  1. Shave

  2. Trim

  3. Wax

  4. Tweeze

If you are just a hairless casual groomer, you can get by with a just razor, a nose hair trimmer or scissors. But if you’re a high maintenance hairy guy who wants to be perfectly groomed head to toe, here’s what you will need:

  1. 1 hand mirror (to see areas you cannot).

  2. 1 10 to 20 X magnifying mirror such as Zadro 15X Magnification Spot Mirror, Black Finish

  1. 1 Razor. I love love my Gillette Fusion Proglide Manual Razor, 1-count Package

  1. 1 Trimmer I use the WAHL 5545-417 3 in 1 Personal Trimmer

  1. 1 Clipper I recently bought the Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit

  1. 1 Tweezer My Favorite isRubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezers

  1. 1 Hard Wax Kit I use the Clean+Easy Pot Wax “Mini Kit”

  1. Prep lotion. Any shaving cream for shaving or for waxing I use clean + easy Cleanse Pre Wax Antiseptic Cleanser

  1. After care lotion. Use you favorite after shave lotion but for waxing I recommend Follique Revolutionary Skin Therapy – Sensitive Skin 6 oz.

There is no set in stone method for men’s body hair grooming, but here’s a guideline.

1. Turn on the wax pot and set up your grooming area.

2. Choose your clipper size and begin at your shoulders working downward. (You can choose different sized guards for different areas, if want it simple and sleek take your number one guard and start mowing with abandon).

3. Vacuum.

4. Shower and shave.

5. Get out the magnifying mirror and shave and/or wax, trim and tweeze any unwanted and unexpected hair.

6.  Apply your after care lotion. I like Follique Revolutionary Skin Therapy – Sensitive Skin 6 oz.

Tips to take home

Check nose, ear and brow hairs weekly unless you’re waxing, which will last up to a month.

Body grooming, like a haircut, is best maintained from last from 4 to 6 week intervals.

Shaved areas will grow at the same pace as your facial hair. Maintain as you would your face.

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